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Mermaid Musings
A place to release any thoughts I can't share elsewhere.
+android/robots trying to discover the outer bounds of their programming. Three Laws of Robotics. Breaking the first rule. Androids/robots with the power to harm human beings. Android/Robots tired of being treated like second class citizens. Androids waking up to what they are capable of. Human and Android relationships. Rouge AI. Androids overthrowing humans. Humans as pets. Uprising.
-inspirations from Isaac Asimov

+Experiments. Genetic engineering. Beings with superhuman powers and intelligence. Homo Superior. Scientist x experiment. What is humanity and what is the value in teaching it to non-human creatures? Psychic powers. World domination. Mind reading and control. Is evil innate or is it caused by environment or lack of being treated humanely? Can one person make a difference?
+Cosmological horrors. Things that cannot be unseen. Old gods and prophets. Crossing dimensions.
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+Monsters. Humans have soft flesh whether they be for tearing or marking. Humans as a hinderance. Monsters that do not seek out human mates voluntarily; it would make their brood weak. Monsters of all kinds from mothmen to fishmen to the monsters under your bed. Long claws across their skin make your human shudder. Human beings want exactly what is most dangerous for them. There is something admirable in that you think. Despite it not being ideal you mark what is yours and death comes to all who would threaten your claim.

+gods. In the modern era what is there for the gods of old? Christianity, as well as other monotheistic religions, are where all the prayers go to now. There are still gods that lay with mortals, their followers. There are still demigods among us, though female demigods tend to go the way of the witch. The thing that hurts the old gods most is lack of belief in them. They have followers in the thousands now instead of the hundreds of millions. In a way it is freeing to wander the street, though they are now more often to pass an angel as not. Angels have a divinity that they don’t quite understand. They could rebel but such thoughts never cross their mind.

+Alchemy. The ability to extract souls from the living. To infuse a soul into a non-living artifact. The power to create something from nothing. Equivalent exchange. What is more important to you? That your love one remains with you forever even at the cost of their soul? What should happen to you when you meet your demise? Golems, homunculi, the philosopher’s stone. Many a thing you have created at great cost to others.

Themes: politics/obsessive love/grief/blessings of the divine/hatred/pining/devestation
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Hey, all~ I'm looking for some fandom roleplays, I find that's what I enjoy the most.

What I'm looking for: canon x oc or canon x canon if you absolutely must have no ocs.


Harry Potter


Inuyasha ****


****Pokemon (I have a plot for this that involves Mewtwo if my partner would play him. Or if not a Team Rocket plot with ocs)


I'll gladly play your love interest if I know them!

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